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Donate this item to a local school of your choice

Area schools chose this item as one they often need spares of by the end of the year. By purchasing this item, you can gift it to a school of your choice, which you can select on this page or add in the comment field of your shopping cart.

There will be no charge to the school.

Thank you for your generosity!


Clear protractor with sharply defined black markings
Accurate ruler located at base
Sets up and true's 30, 45, 60 and 90 degree angles
Plotting 0 to 180 degrees left to right and right to left


To keep prices low, ND School Supplies does bulk ordering in July, with delivery guaranteed by Aug. 12. Pick-up orders will be available the week of August 10. 

Protractor, 0 to 180 degree with 4 Inch Ruler, Plastic - DONATION

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